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The ultimate search engine (try the online demo)

Context Monitor
Get an alert when an email or document violates the stipulated Content Security; get only the articles on specific topics from journals; perform intelligent search from job banks, etc.
-- monitor and search for concepts not isolated keywords.
-- Ensure that the system includes all documents with synonyms, and excludes all those with homographs (different sense) of the word. For example:
  • request articles on 'fuel' and also get articles on 'gas', 'coal', 'petrol' etc
  • set an alert for 'reading glasses' and also be alerted on 'bifocals', 'photochromic glasses' but not 'liqueur glasses',', or 'stained glass'.
  • search a job bank for 'microbiologist' and also get the listings on 'biochemist', 'geneticist', 'immunologist', 'virologist' etc.
Check text for the presence of predefined concepts

Do precise contextual search with the aid of the GlobalDisambiguator. For example:
  • bank as in river Vs bank as in money
  • glasses as in wine Vs glasses as in reading
Determine the meaning of a word in a specified context (try a demo)

Global Essay Grader
Automatically grade essay type questions; validate your writing and get suggestions on misused words, minimize ambiguity, etc.
  • Specify a model answer and let the system grade the students' scripts looking for the presence of the concepts expressed in the model anwer.
  • Get suggestions on misused morphemes/words. For example, get the suggestions 'break down', 'malfunction', 'come to pieces' to replace 'misfunction'
  • Get suggestions for less ambiguous words and in context. For example, 'ceremony' would be suggested to replace 'function' in a sentence such as "The function was in honor of his birthday."
Using model answers, grade essay type questions

GlobalHelp Desk
Specify symptoms and obtain previous solutions

GlobalEmbedded Help
Language-mediated online help for applications

GlobalName Generator
Generate a meaningful domain or corporate name

Find words of similar meaning to terms in a given context (use demo)

Find words of opposite meaning to terms in a given context (test out the demo)

Maintain meaning but reduce vocabulary (test it out)

Categorise a phrase into a concept (summarize) (try the demo)

Prefix Analyser
Change compound words to simpler words (try the demo)

Suffix Analyser
Change word inflections to simpler root representation (test it online)