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Did you know that:
  • approximately 500 million users were online in 2003?
  • those looking for information use search engines 77% of the time?
  • the average corporate employee spends 30 minutes a day trying to find information?
  • 50% of the expressions of online frustration is related to the inability to find correct information?
To bridge the gap between users and computers by taking the frustrations out of words using Natural Language Processing.

GlobalSoft will be the preeminent Natural Language Processing developer by fostering intelligent, language-mediated interaction.

Company Overview
GlobalSoft, Inc. (GSI) will become a leading B2B developer of natural language processing applications for human machine interaction. GSI is a privately held organization in its development stage, incorporated in 1994, under Texas law. It is now headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

GlobalSoft builds applications that improve language-mediated interaction with computers. Powered by Globalsoft's proprietary technology, computer systems can be enabled to interprete and execute your intentions expressed in plain English (including misspelled words or misused morphemes). The building blocks of this web-enabled foundation include: GlobalSoft provides users and developers a scheme for "language-enabled" applications for search engines, document and knowledge management, creative name selection, interactive help, content monitoring, and writing aids, as well as essay graders. GlobalSoft is harnessing the power of linguistics using natural language (users' own words, not just keywords), to build "language-enabled" applications that improve language-mediated interaction with computers.